As most of you know, live foods are one of the favorite foods of fighter fish (betta fish). However, how many of you are aware that live foods can also pose a threat to the life of fighter fish? Yes, it can happen if you do not take some precautionary measures while feeding live foods to your fighter fish.

Live foods for fighter fish: Mosquito Larva

Live foods for fighter fish: Mosquito Larva

I will give few tips below which will protect your fighter fish (betta fish) from unexpected illness and death.

Do not buy live foods from any pet store. It is always recommended to go to a reputed pet store for buying live foods. Otherwise, the infected live foods may transfer the disease to your fighter fish resulting into its death.

Do not buy live foods beyond your handling capacity. If you do, most of the live foods will die as days pass since you cannot over feed your fighter fish. This will result in loss of money.

Restrain yourself from feeding the dying, decaying or dead live food to your fighter fish. If you fail in this, you put your fighter fish life at risk.

Do not feed your fighter fish (betta fish) with live foods as a daily meal. First, live foods are expensive. Second, your fighter fish will get addicted to this food type and will reject other food types. Therefore, it is recommended to give live foods as a treat for your fighter fish 1 – 3 times a week.

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