A fighter fish (betta fish) is one of the most beautiful aquatic pets. But also it is a very sensitive creature. Hence, they are very much prone to diseases or stress caused by outer elements. It is your complete responsibility to keep your fish healthy and safe. Although you take proper measures to protect your fighter fish from every possible ailment, everyday you should be checking for the five common symptoms which can be found in a sick fighter fish (betta fish).

A sick fighter fish (betta fish)

A sick fighter fish (betta fish)

Here, I have written down those five most common symptoms which can be seen in a sick fighter fish as well as the causes and the solutions. They are:

1. First symptom you normally see is the change in skin color of your fighter fish (betta fish). The rich color of your fighter fish turns into pale white. This happens mainly because of stress. Your fighter fish (betta fish) gets stressed because of bright light, congested living space, disturbing noise etc. Hence, it is better to provide your fighter fish a peaceful and spacious living environment.

2. The next common symptom you should check for is whether your fighter fish coming to the surface of water to get air more than often. This symptom occurs when there is a lack of oxygen in the water. The oxygen level in your fighter fish (betta fish) tank will drop low, if the ammonia and/or nitrites amount builds up to the hazardous level. Hence, you should always properly clean the tank on schedule.

3. Another symptom you should look for are red-brown streaks around the gills of your fighter fish. This symptom indicates towards the increased amount of nitrite elements in the water. As a result, the flesh around the gills part gets badly affected and loses its color because of the lack of oxygen. This is an alarming sign and the proper treatment must be provided quickly. Here also, you can prevent this symptom from occurring by properly cleaning your fighter fish (betta fish) tank on schedule.

4. Here the symptom you should look for are white spots on the fins and/or body. This symptom indicates the presence of parasites on your fighter fish (betta fish) body. The parasites get attached to your fish body through contaminated food or poorly maintained water. Hence, you should feed your fighter fish with good quality foods as well as keeping its tank clean.

5. Another very common symptom is exhaustion or sluggishness which your fighter fish (betta fish) will show if the oxygen level is too low in the water. The best solution for this problem is to keep your fighter fish tank always clean regularly.

Once you are able to identify any of those above mentioned symptoms in your fighter fish, you will be able to take quick action to save the fish. But if you provide your fighter fish an ideal living condition, then you will not get to see any of those symptoms.

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