In my previous post, I explained the procedure to set up a baby brine shrimp (BBS) hatchery to feed your fighter fish fry. The next important stage is to collect the baby brine shrimps from that hatchery. Below, I have shown how to do this by following step-by-step instructions. They are:

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1. First thing you have to do is to stop the air flow. This will allow the brine shrimps eggs to get settled.

2. Spot the baby brine shrimps. When the eggs hatch, you will see the eggs shells floating at the surface. Also you will see the baby brine shrimps of a lighter color swimming around. Otherwise, you will the unhatched eggs lying at the bottom of the container.

3. Once you have confirmed that the eggs are hatched, apply this simple method to collect them. Throw a light on top of baby brine shrimps. They will move towards the light source and come to the surface. Like this, you will not only determine whether the eggs are hatched but also, it will be easier for you to collect them since they group together at one spot.

4. Now you have to use a clean coffee filter and allow the water to flow smoothly through it. As the water flows, the baby brine shrimps will be collected in the coffee filter.

5. Keep the container clean. Though you can use the same water many times, you must change it when it appears as muddy.

6. Now it is time to feed your betta fish fry. Take the coffee filter and immerse it in the fighter fish fry tank. Just shake the filter a bit so all the baby brine shrimp inside it, can untie themselves from each other. They will begin to swim around the tank.

Note: It is recommended to feed the newly hatched brine shrimps to your fighter fish fry as soon as possible. It is because they are very nutritious when they are just hatched. The baby brine shrimps can stay alive in the betta fish fry tank for up to 1 – 1½ days. You will see some eggs floating in the tank. But you do not have to worry since they do not pollute the water. You can remove them when you change the tank water.

Now you know how to collect the baby brine shrimps (BBS) from the hatchery. However, do not overfeed your fighter fish fry with BBS. Your fighter fish fry will get swim-bladder disease.

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