As you know, fighter fish (betta fish) likes to eat varieties of fighter fish food like live foods, Betta pellets, flakes etc. When you feed your fighter fish food you should follow some guidelines. Otherwise, your fighter fish may fall sick or even die.

Fighter fish food

Fighter fish food

I have listed few guidelines below which make the feeding time enjoyable for both of you and your fighter fish.

1. Always make sure that your fighter fish (betta fish) has seen the food before you drop it into the tank since they are top dwellers. Once your fighter fish sees the food, drop it at his nose.

2. Do not over feed your fighter fish. It is enough to feed 1 – 2 times in a day.

3. If possible, feed your fighter fish two different types of fighter fish food, one in each meal.

4. Make sure not to feed brine shrimps to your fighter fish more than 6 – 7 in quantity during a feeding time.

5. During the breeding period, feed your fighter fish with black worms, fruit flies and mosquito larvae 3 – 4 times a day.

6. If it is the fighter fish fry, then it is recommended to feed them only after they become 5 days old. Feeding baby brine shrimps or egg yolk many times a day is advisable. Hence, you cannot feed usual fighter fish food to them.

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