It is a fun-filled hobby to keep a fighter fish (betta fish) in your home. However, this hobby brings some responsibilities too which have to be addressed on time. Protecting your fighter fish from the diseases is one of those responsibilities. In fact, this task involves patience, commitment, love for your fighter fish and knowledge. If you have all these qualities in you, then your fighter fish (betta fish) will live its life merrily.

Fighter fish first aid kit

Fighter fish first aid kit

I have given few preventive measures below, which can protect your fighter fish from the ailments. You know the saying – “Prevention is better than cure”. The preventive measures are:

1. Always supply purified or treated water to your fighter fish tank.
2. Immediately remove any dead creature lying in the tank.
3. Do not buy an aquarium fish or a food from pet stores which do not practice hygienic customs.
4. Do not alter the water conditions or Eco-system of the tank completely.
5. Keep your hands away from the tank water so that it can remain free from any contamination.
6. Always have a fighter fish first aid kit at your disposal.

Like this, you can protect your fighter fish (betta fish) from the most of aquarium diseases. However, sometimes, your fighter fish can get sick despite of all these preventive measures. At that moment, you should be ready to take the proper action to save your fighter fish.

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