Brine shrimps are very nutrient food to tropical fish. Since fighter fish are also from tropical region, you can feed brine shrimp to them. Brine shrimps are available as live, frozen and freeze-dried food. The best food for betta fry is baby brine shrimps (BBS). Though you can buy them from pet shop, they are expensive and not easily available. The best solution for this problem is to hatch BBS at your home and then feed to your betta fry.

brine shrimp hatcheries

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Normally, the BBS eggs are hatched in a salt water solution and then, sorted out using a fine net. After this process, they are fed to the betta fry. It is not difficult to hatch your own BBS at home. However, it will be a bit expensive for the first time since you will need some items as well as brine shrimp eggs for setting up the hatchery.

I have listed down the required items to set up a brine shrimp hatchery. They are:

A clear container* or a plastic bottle
Coffee filters
A clear cover for container/plastic bottle
An air-pump
An air stone**
Dechlorinated water
Rock salt
Brine shrimp eggs

* Container must be narrow and high in shape.
** It is optional

Now let us set up the hatchery. Follow the below given steps and they are:

1. Take the container/ plastic bottle and fill it with the dechlorinated water.
2. Add 1 tablespoon of rock salt per ½ gallon and stir for few minutes.
3. Take one small portion of brine shrimp eggs, for example: quarter of a small teaspoon, and add to the salt water solution.
4. Make the air-pump using tube and air stone. The airflow must be very powerful.
5. Put air stone at the bottom of container. This will continuously stir the water as well as the eggs.
6. Place the clear cover on top of the container. This will prevent evaporation of the salt water solution.

If you want to hatch the eggs fast, then place the container near a window or light bulb. Or else, the eggs will take a bit longer to hatch.
You can provide more heat to the hatchery by using a light bulb, or placing near any heat source. As a result, the eggs will hatch fast.

Now you know how to set up the brine shrimp hatchery and hatch the brine shrimp eggs. In my next post, I will show you how to collect baby brine shrimps from the hatchery.

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