A fighter fish (betta fish) can feel very comfortable and live longer if fighter fish tank has been set up according to the standard levels. There are some guidelines that should be followed while setting up a fighter fish tank. Any negligence may cost life of your dear fighter fish.

Fighter Fish Tank

Fighter Fish Tank

Below are some important instructions on how to set up a fighter fish tank. They are:

1. First essential thing is to make sure that you have a large enough tank for your fighter fish. A minimum 5 gallons of water is required for a fighter fish tank. Otherwise, less space and less amount of oxygen will cause serious problems to your fighter fish (betta fish).

2. Clean the tank, rocks, and gems well so that your fighter fish can be free from any bacterial or fungal related disease.

3. Use rocks, gems and sands to cover the bottom of the tank up to 1” height from the base.

4. Put a cover over the top of the fighter fish tank in order to avoid your fighter fish jumping out of the tank and getting hurt himself.

5. Use a natural substrate that is beneficial for both the plants in the tank and your fighter fish. It is recommended to avoid colored substrate which can be harmful to your fighter fish (betta fish).

6. Select the plants which can aid in keeping the water clean and also release more oxygen within the fighter fish tank. Amazon Sword Plant can be used in a fighter fish tank, though this plant needs to be trimmed from time to time.

7. Treat the water well before filling it in the tank, with a product which can remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals from it. To make sure the water has no chemicals, leave it for a week after the treatment.

8. It is very important to keep the fighter fish tank temperature at constant level. The recommended tank temperature for a fighter fish is 25°C-28°C. Your fighter fish may suffer if the tank temperature goes below or beyond the recommended level. Using a heater with the tank is the best method in order to provide the required temperature for your fighter fish.

9. Make sure that your fighter fish is getting enough light. If not, you can use lighting instrument in the fighter fish tank. It is recommended to provide well amount of light for at least eight hours in a day. If you do not prefer to use a lighting instrument, place the tank where there is plenty of light. Use an aquarium stand that can easily support the weight of water filled fighter fish tank.

10. It is recommended to avoid metal decorations. Since metal reacts with water, it can pose serious threat to the health of your fighter fish.

Once the fighter fish tank has been set up as per the instructions, your fighter fish (betta fish) is now ready to enter into his new home. He will definitely be happy and you will witness his enjoyment in that fighter fish tank.

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