In my last post, we discussed how to choose a proper fish tank for your fighter fish. But that tank alone is not enough to provide a better living condition for your betta fish. You will also need a heater and a filter which are necessary. However, you cannot just buy any heater or filter. You must consider few things while buying them. Below, I have provided few tips to buy a proper heater and a filter.

Buying a Proper Heater:
1. Make sure that a heater you are going to buy has a thermostat. Otherwise, your fighter fish will die because of overheating of tank water.
2. In addition, check whether the heater is fully submersible or not. A fully submersible heater is safer to use.
3. You can use 25 watts heater with a thermostat in a 10 liters tank since, very few pet shops sell heaters lesser than 25 watts.
4. Buy an aquarium thermometer to check the fish tank water temperature regularly to avoid any sudden fluctuation in water temperature.

Buying a Proper Filter:
1. Avoid buying an internal power filter for your fighter fish. It is because such kind of filter produces a strong current which is not suitable for a fighter fish since it prefers a gentle current.
2. It is recommended to buy a simple corner or box filter for your betta fish.
3. Buy an air pump and some airline tubing. Using the airline valve you can control the strength of current in the tank.
4. Never buy a fish tank which has an inbuilt filter. Normally, this kind of filter is very powerful considering the tank size and hence, not suitable for your fighter fish.