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Image by Phillips_Jon via Flickr

A fighter fish is a wonderful aquatic creature with a great personality. This can be seen when you create the ideal environment around your fighter fish (betta fish). In order to create such an environment, you must have a proper tank for your fighter fish.

In today’s market, you will see fish tanks with various attractive designs, shapes and sizes. If you are not careful enough, you may end up buying an unsuitable fish tank for your fighter fish. As a result, your fighter fish will become sick and may succumb to it.

Here, I am giving you some valuable tips so you can choose a proper tank for your fighter fish (betta fish). Remember! The ideal environment provided by you will not only keep your fighter fish healthy but happy too. The tips are as follows;

1. First of all, buy a fish tank which is square in shape. There are many tanks which come in various shapes. Though they are attractive in look, they may pose threats to your fighter fish. In addition, you may find it difficult to fix a heater or a filter to that tank.

2. Next, make sure that the tank you are going to buy can hold at least 5 gallons of water. It is the minimum water requirement for your fighter fish to live in comfortably. A fish tank of 10 gallons size is the ideal one. If you choose a tank of size below 5 gallons, then the amount of toxic elements such as ammonia will increase at rapid pace and harm your fighter fish.

3. Last but not least, avoid buying a fish bowl at any cost. It is very difficult to fix a heater or filter to the bowl because of its shape. Also, usually, bowls hold water below the required 5 gallons limit. Hence, bowls are unsuitable for fighter fish (betta fish) to live in.

These three simple things you must always keep in your mind while choosing a fish tank for your betta fish. Like any other pets, fighter fish too deserve to live in a better place.

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