Keeping your fighter fish home always clean is one of your responsibilities. In truth, it should be your primary task. Your fighter fish (betta fish) will be happy and healthy if its home is clean. A poorly maintained fighter fish tank or bowl will put the fish under stress and make it sick.

Fighter fish home cleansing

Fighter fish home cleansing

You should be aware of some certain things while cleaning your fighter fish tank or bowl. Otherwise, your fighter fish (betta fish) may still be prone to diseases. I have given few tips below which tell you what to do and not to do.

1. Never ever skip the schedule of cleaning your fighter fish home.
2. During the cleansing of your fighter fish home, do not clean decorative items, rocks or plants. If you do that, the hardly built natural biological structure built in that tank or bowl will be destroyed.
3. Always treat the new water before adding it to your fighter fish home. Otherwise, harmful bacteria, chemicals and other toxic elements present in that water may kill your fighter fish (betta fish).
4. Bring the temperature of newly treated water near to the temperature of the water in your fighter fish tank or bowl. Adding the treated water which is too cold or too hot to your fighter fish home will make it sick.

These are the few things that you must always remember while cleaning your fighter fish home. Your fighter fish (betta fish) will not only be healthy but will live for longer period.

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