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One of the difficult tasks for a fighter fish keeper is to jar the betta fish fries. Though these fries grow periodically they look like small adults. The fins of males grow and, they behave aggressively towards each other flaring and fighting. As the fighter fish fries keep growing you have to jar them separately especially the males. Otherwise,  you will see many fries with torn fins or worse, dead.

Normally, most of the fighter fish keepers find jarring process very tiring. But jarring can be done easily if you follow some basic guidelines. Below are the jarring guidelines which can be very helpful to the fighter fish keepers. They are:

1. Since you know that fighter fish are aggressive in nature, you should begin to jar them when the betta fries begin to show aggressiveness on each other. If you do not act quickly, then many of the fries may sustain severe fin damage. However, the fins which have slight tear will get fixed as the fries grow.

2. Always jar the fighter fish which are either attacking or getting attacked. Hence, you will have to clean less number of jars and lots of time will be saved.

3. This is very important and can save you from the huge mess later. Keep enough clean jars ready when you decide to breed the bettas. These jars must be completely hygienic. Normally, ½ gallon jars are used to house the fries. But if the number of fries is huge, then ¼ gallon jar can also be used to get space to keep more jars.

4. For the first time, it is recommended to use the breeding tank water to fill the jars in order to save the betta fries from the stress and shock. Always make sure to use clean aged tap water to fill the jars every week during the full water change. Acclimatize the jarred betta fries to the new water before you change the jar water.

5. This may sound weird but it is true that a fighter fish fry may fall into depression if it is suddenly isolated from its siblings. Hence you must keep the jarred betta fries next to each other so they can see each other.

6. Finally, some betta fries may not eat for a few days when they are put into jars. In that case, it is recommended to feed those fries with tasty food like blood worms. This will help the fries to return to its normal life.

This is how the jarring of fighter fish fries must be done. As a result, you will find the fighter fish jarring process simple and easy.

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