Ein Kampffisch in meinem Aquarium
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The role of female fighter fish determines the success of the breeding process. It is because sometimes, the female fighter fish will not show any interest in breeding. But you should be able to follow the hints. Otherwise, it can be fatal for both male and female fighter fish.

In this post, I have mentioned about some signs below which a female fighter fish will show when she is ready for breeding. They are:

1. The female fighter fish will flare and try to swim along with him, though she is I chimney.
2. The quantity of eggs will increase and as a result, her belly will get swollen.
3. She will show some vertical bars on her body as a sign of interest. However, you will find it hard to see the vertical bars on the body of a pale colored female fighter fish. You have to be very careful and patient here.
4. She will position herself in such a way that her nose will be pointed downwards whenever the male fighter fish approaches her.

Note: It is always recommended to look for at least 2 or 3 signs to determine whether a female fighter fish is ready for breeding. Simply relying on 1 or 2 signs may end in failure. Among the above mentioned signs, the last one is considered more reliable in a female fighter fish.

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