A female fighter fish in breeding farm

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You may be curious to know how long a fighter fish fry can grow week-by-week till it reaches its adulthood. Below is a growth chart of a betta fish which shows how it grows from egg to adulthood.

Growth Period


Egg 0.03 inches in diameter
1 day old fighter fish fry 0.1 inch
1 week 0.2 inches
2 weeks 0.25 inches
3 weeks 0.34 inches
4 weeks 0.45 inches
5 weeks 0.6 inches
6 weeks 0.85 inches
7 weeks 1.1 inches
8 weeks 1.3 inches
9 weeks 1.55 inches
10 weeks 1.7 inches
11 weeks 1.9 inches

Once the betta fish fry becomes 11-week-old, its growth rate steadily declines. By the time it becomes 7-month-old, its fins grow to their full length. When it completely grows into an adult, it will be of 3 – 4 inches in length. But one thing you must keep in mind that various factors such as food types, tank size, hygienic conditions, health etc affect the growth of a fighter fish fry.

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