Fighter FishMany fighter fish (betta fish) breeders fail to keep their betta fish fries alive when they attempt to breed fighter fish. This happens for first few times to any fighter fish (betta fish) breeder. The reason for this are what I call “the 10 deadliest mistakes”. They are as follows –

1. The most common mistake that a betta fish breeder does is picking up the small size tank to breed fighter fish. Since a female fighter fish can deliver about 200 – 400 eggs at a time, around 300 fries will spawn in that tank. This will not only congest the tank but the levels of nitrite and ammonia rise up instantly resulting into the death of the fries.

2. A small filter must be there in a fighter fish breeding tank. A sponge filter or mini corner filter which hardly bubbles is recommended. Spawning without a filter will usually end up in a disaster.

3. Most of the betta fish breeders forget that there must be no gravel in a breeding tank. The eggs which fall down from the bubble nest will get lost in between gravels. Hence male fighter fish will not find them. Even if those eggs are hatched, the fries will be unable to come out of the gravels and ultimately die there.

4. The dumbest mistake some of fighter fish breeders do when betta fish fries are hatched is to feed flake food to them. Since the fries are unable to consume the flakes, the food will be left uneaten and the tank water will be polluted. This will result into the death of fries. The best food for the fries are microworms and freshly hatched baby brine shrimp.

5. Fighter fish fries are very sensitive to even the slightest change in the temperature. Hence, the tank water temperature must be kept the same i.e. 80O F. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a submersible heater even though it is a bit expensive.

6. Another deadliest mistake is not to cover the tank properly. This will result into the evaporation of tank water as well as the constant fluctuation of water temperature. Hence very few fighter fish fries will survive at the end.

7. Though adult fighter fish must be fed only once in a day but the fries must be fed twice in a day by the breeders. Unfortunately, most of the breeders get confused with the feeding pattern and, as a result, fighter fish fries die.

8. The betta fish breeders do water changes without proper knowledge. In case of betta fish fries, too much water must not be removed from the breeding tank. This will kill the fries. Hence water change must be done by removing the right amount of water only.

9. The fighter fish breeders while adding the new water to the tank, they simply pour it. This is a big mistake. Instead they must use a corner of the tank to add the new water or drip it into the tank.

10. Some of the fighter fish breeders do not remove the adult bettas once they have mated. They must remove the female betta from the tank once the eggs are released. After 3 days, the male betta must be removed. Otherwise, the adult bettas will eat all the fries.

These are the 10 deadliest mistakes which the fighter fish breeders must avoid if they want to see their betta fish fries healthy and alive.

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