Cherry Shrimp - Fighter Fish Tank Mate

Cherry Shrimp - Fighter Fish Tank Mate

It is always nice to see different species of fish, including fighter fish, swimming together in an aquarium. But the individual personality of each fighter fish (betta fish) makes it hard for a fish keeper to choose an aquatic species as a tank mate for his fighter fish.

Fish keepers have to be very careful when choosing tank mates for their fighter fish. An aquatic species, for example: Corydoras, liked by a fighter fish might not be accepted by another fighter fish. Hence, it is very difficult to choose a tank mate for your fighter fish (betta fish) without a trial and error method.

I have provided some tips on choosing the ideal tank mates for your fighter fish (betta fish). These are general tips which help in preventing the unnecessary death of your fighter fish or its tank mate which is the result of incompatibility between the two of them. The tips are given below. They are:

1. Never put cold water fish species, like Goldfish, into your fighter fish tank as a tank mate. As you know, fighter fish (betta fish) is from tropical climate. It prefers warm water.
2. You should never put two male fighter fish in a single tank. If you put them together, one of them will die for sure. Fighter fish, especially males, are very territorial, and hence aggressive in nature.
3. Bottom feeding aquatic species are the best choice for fighter fish, since the latter is top dweller.
4. You must never put a fish species which is as bright in color as the fighter fish. Also, the fish species with longer fins must be avoided from being chosen as betta fish tank mates.
5. It is recommended not to choose the aquatic species which produce large amount of waste. If you do, your fighter fish will soon get sick.

These are some tips which you should bear in mind while choosing a tank mate for your fighter fish. Some aquatic species which are compatible with fighter fish are apple snails, cherry shrimps, ghost shrimps, otocinclus catfish (otos), and corydoras.

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