A fighter fish (betta fish) is naturally a territorial, aggressive and lonesome species. Hence, most of the fighter fish are not suitable to be put in an active community fish tank. But a fighter fish cannot be left alone also. The fighter fish must be kept active or else, it may get sick because of the stress built by inactivity.

There are many ways to keep a fighter fish (betta fish) active everyday. I will give some tips which show how to keep this wonderful fish active with less effort. They are:

1. Rearrange the plants and other decorative items in the tank whenever water change is done. In addition, you can add and remove an extra plant or decorative item in the tank on rotation basis.
2. Change the location of the fighter fish (betta fish) tank from time to time.
3. Put toys such as table tennis ball or floating ball or lightweight sinking ball in the fighter fish tank. This will keep the fighter fish occupied with it. But make sure whatever the toy you put in the tank is nontoxic.
4. Include live foods in the feeding schedule for the fighter fish. Providing live blood worms or brine shrimps will keep the fighter fish active since it has to chase and hunt the live foods to eat.
5. Spend some time with the fighter fish everyday. You can communicate with it by moving your fingers or gently tapping the side of the fighter fish tank.
6. Train your fighter fish to perform some simple tricks like putting a ball into a net, swimming through hoops and tunnels, Slalom or doing the limbo etc. This will be very exciting for your fighter fish and keep it active.

Fighter fish performing a trick

Fighter fish performing a trick

These are few methods which can keep your fighter fish (betta fish) active. As a result, your fighter fish will be free from stress and diseases. Hence, the fighter fish will be happy and live longer.

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