Tips to Choose the Best Pair for Fighter Fish Breeding

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The toughest job for a fighter fish (betta fish) keeper is the fighter fish breeding. Everything should be perfect during the fighter fish breeding process. Otherwise, the failure will be the only result at the end of the process. The most important thing in fighter fish breeding is having the best pair of male and female fighter fish (betta fish). Even if any one of them is unsuitable for breeding, then the entire process will go in vain.

Fighter fish breeding

Fighter fish breeding

Fortunately, it is not impossible to find the best pair for fighter fish breeding. I have given few tips below which will aid you in choosing the best male and female fighter fish (betta fish). They are:

1. Always buy younger fighter fish for breeding instead of older one.
2. Never ever buy a fighter fish which has been living under bad conditions.
3. You should choose the female fighter fish which is either equal or less to the size of male fighter fish.
4. Always have a back up fighter fish pair if the first pair fails to breed.
5. Do not hesitate to consult with a fighter fish (betta fish) expert, if you need any information regarding fighter fish breeding.

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